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This Is The Deal Of All Deals. By Purchasing This Kit You Will Get Every Kit On The Entire Site. That Means All Drum Kits, Vocal Packs, Preset Banks, Vocal Buy Bundle Deals. Free Fast Ship Avail. 139. 140. 141. If You're New Start Here (self.Drumkits). submitted 1 year ago by HULKxHOLYGEEZGUYS - announcement Team Supreme All Stars. This Is The 4 Gods Bundle For The KONTAKT VST. It Is Called This Because ( This product is NOT included in the ALL KITS BUNDLE DEAL). - - WATCH THE.

SuperStar O (SSO) Drum Kits Bundle: Superproducer 'Superstar O' releases all Superproducer 'Superstar O' releases all 7 of his drum kits at a huge discount.

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