Текст песни вокалоиды блек рок шутер и самому любимому mp3

Supercell (stylized as supercell) is the eponymous debut studio album of Japanese J-pop band For the song "Black Rock Shooter", Ryo was inspired by an illustration of an original character by Huke and created the song based on that character. When writing lyrics for the songs on Supercell, Ryo felt that writing without. Hatsune Miku Black Rock Shooter Lyrics. Black Rock Shooter lyrics performed by Hatsune Miku: BURAKKU ROKKU SHU-TA- doko he itta no? kikoemasu. Jun 13, 2011 . . appear in the same picture. Lyrics Source: English by Youtube, Romaji by Anime Lyrics . English. Black Rock Shooter Where

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